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Fotona QX MAXX Laser System

The Fotona QX MAXX makes it possible to add a full range of skin treatments and aesthetic services to your practice, including tattoo removal, removal of freckles and pigmented lesions, and other popular cosmetic services.

The powerful cosmetic laser offers an optimized wavelength selection, targeting the widest range of pigments. The system includes four treatment wavelengths in one to remove dark pigments, remove lighter pigments and vascular lesions and to get rid of deeply embedded greens, blues and purple inks.

The Fotona QX MAXX laser machine offers the most advanced laser technology available. With a unique single-pulse laser technology, the Fotona QX MAXX has proven itself more effective at complete tattoo removal then many of the multi-pulse lasers on the market. The powerful single-pulse Q-switched technology provides larger spot treatment areas and more effective removal of deeply ingrained color pigments.

The QX MAXX supports Fotona’s premier Accelera technology, offering powerful treatment for laser hair removal, acne treatments and other common aesthetic treatments.

Detailed Product Description:

  • Patented OPTOflex technology produces a completely homogenous beam profile for the most consistent laser delivery
  • Consistent laser beam profile results in safer, more even distribution of laser energy
  • Powerful treatment for all pigmented lesions and tattoos
  • Highest single-pulse technology for larger spot size treatments
  • Optimized wavelengths results in bigger range of pigments to target
  • Reduced risk of burning, tissue damage and scarring
  • Highly effective, even with the deepest colors
  • More effective treatments means fewer visits overall
  • Built to last with better system performance and a longer lifetime than other systems
  • Ergonomic design lets the user manipulate the handpiece naturally for enhanced treatment maneuverability

Fotona QX MAXX Applications:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Removal of dark lesions
  • Treatment for hyper-pigmentation
  • Hair removal
  • Acne treatment

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